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Best Bets Home Edition

Apr 1, 2020 | Best Bets

COVID-19 has forced the entire world to go into quarantine, so most of the events have been cancelled in town; at least until the end of April or so it seems. Therefore, to keep you healthy during this crisis, we are changing our regular Best Bets section and giving you some great ideas to do at home during the contingency.

Visit a museum from your computer

You don’t have to go out to visit amazing places. Technology has given us virtual visits in 360º, and believe us when we say the experience is amazing if you give it a try. Just Google, “museum virtual visits” and you’ll get a long list of locations from all around the world. You can even go to the Louvre if you want to!

Watch series online

We are not talking about illegal downloading, nor even Netflix. Take a good look on Facebook Watch Series, there are complete high quality productions with chapters from 10 to 50 minutes long which have been especially created for the social network, and completely free. Some good recommendations are: Limetown, starring Jessica Biel; Queen America, starring Catherine Zeta Jones; Sorry for Your Loss, starring Elizabeth Olsen; and if you are into talk shows do not miss Red Table Talk, with Jada Pinket Smith and her family.

Learn how to knit or quilt

Quilting and knitting are very relaxing hobbies, there are plenty of tutorials online and you can buy everything you need either at the San Francisco Quilt Shop or Parisina. Give it a try!

Read a lot of books!

If you don’t own a Kindle or simply don’t want to spend money on books, there are many free sites with quite a variety of genres. There are some sites that actually pay you for reviewing their books.

Do some exercise

Not being able to go to the gym or outside for your regular walk or run is no excuse for you to stop exercising. Take this contingency as an opportunity to surprise people close to you and go on a full extreme makeover; losing weight or getting fit with YouTube tutorials.

Are you a Broadway Fan?

For $8.99 USD you can watch hundreds of Broadway shows on Broadway HD.com with the original cast.

Watch a documentary

Netflix has a lot of tv shows and movies, but many people ignore the amazing and interesting documentaries showcase at the streaming platform. Take a look and you’ll be amazed. If you love nature, we strongly recommend Night on Earth, the footage is absolutely beautiful.

Go “old school” and actually call someone

After a few days of being home, texting won’t be enough. Call your friends on the phone and reconnect with the idea of just listening to what other people have to say instead of watching their moves closely on the screen. Play attention to their words, not to their clothes!

Play board games

If you are stuck at home with your family, that’s a blessing not a punishment, so take advantage and have some family fun.

Clean the hell out of your closet!

While you are at home, remember that many people don’t even have a roof to quarantine under, so use this time to give back. Take a good look in your closet and take out all the things you don’t use anymore. If you haven’t used it in the last one or two years, chances are you will never use it again, so you can donate to people who will.

Written By Olivia Guzón
Olivia Guzón is a journalist. She has worked and collaborated with newspapers like EL NORTE in Monterrey, from Grupo REFORMA, and Noroeste, in Mazatlán. She worked in Televisora del Pacífico (TVP) as a copy writer and producer of a series of mini documentaries for a news site called La Urbe.mx. Since 2017 she teaches at TecMilenio university. Currently, she is also office manager at the ecotourism company Onca Explorations.